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Additional Terms

Additional terms & conditions according to the Decree of 2005 on Establishing the Quality Standards regarding the Provision of Electronic Communications Services as well as the Decree of 2017 on Access to Open Internet

The herein additional terms and conditions for the provision of services shall apply from 05/05/2017 as supplementary terms and conditions to the general terms and conditions for the provision of Primetel PLC (“Primetel”) services, the special terms and conditions and any other relevant terms and conditions.
1. Primetel shall use its best endeavors to provide any plans on fixed telephony & internet (hereinafter the “Services”) according to the provisions of the Decree of 2005 on Establishing the Quality Standards regarding the Provision of Electronic Communications Services as well as the Decree of 2017 on Access to Open Internet, as they may be duly amended or replaced by the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation (hereinafter the “Commissioner”). It is understood that due to the nature of electronic communications, it is not always feasible to provide the Services smoothly, and the quality and coverage of the Services depends inter alia on the Subscriber’s terminal equipment, Primetel’s network and potentially on other operators and/or other electronic communications’ networks which are connected to or with which Primetel’s network is connected.

2. Both Services and coverage may be adversely affected from various factors such as, inter alia, from interferences, atmospheric situations, geographical factors, network congestion, maintenance, interruptions from other networks or operators sites or other functional or technical difficulties or from Subscriber’s actions, having as a result that the Subscriber may be incapable of receiving some or all of the Services in certain areas or during certain periods of time. Apart from the foregoing, the speeds as well as the quality of internet access that the Subscriber is receiving may be affected inter alia from the following factors:

– In case the internal cabling of the Subscriber’s estate is poor or defective.
– In case the modem is connected to a different location from the first location of the estate.
– From other equipment which interferes and causes delays in the Subscriber’s terminal equipment.
– Speed check over a VPN where there is a typically slower speed due to reasons of security and encryption.
– The types of applications that the Subscriber uses with the Services.
– The level of network congestion at the time that the Subscriber conducts speed check. The access speeds may vary during the day according to how busy is the internet in total and the node where the webpage is found that the Subscriber wishes to visit.
– The wireless connection of the Subscriber’s terminal equipment to the modem/router (use of wifi) not the connection through an Ethernet cable.
– Terminal equipment’s technical characteristics as well as the potential condition of the terminal equipment during the use of the Services.
– On the Subscriber’s terminal equipment other programs are running.
– In the Subscriber’s estate there are other devices which may affect the quality of the received Services.
– The Subscriber’s connection is used by other users in the same location or/and from other users without the Subscriber’s prior consent.
– The Subscriber’s terminal equipment has been affected by viruses, spyware.

3. The Services are available according to the below speeds, provided that no exceptions apply in accordance with the herein terms:
3.1. The advertised speed constitutes the speed with which each Service is being advertised.
3.2. The maximum speed of a Service is the same with the advertised speed of the Service.
3.3. The normal speed of a Service shall be up to 90% of the maximum speed and shall be available during 24 hours.
3.4. The minimum speed of a Service shall be up to70% of the maximum speed.

4. It is noted that Primetel bears no responsibility for any damage and/or harm that the Subscriber may suffer and/or any third parties as a result of the temporary and/or permanent disruption of the Service and/or as described in the herein terms and in the general terms and conditions for the provision of Primetel’s services and any special and/or other terms.

5. In case that the Subscriber during the provision of the Services encounters any issue relevant to the speeds or the quality of the Services, the latter may contact any of Primetel’s shops or electronically at info@prime-tel.com, or Primetel’s service center at 133. Before placing his/her complaint, the Subscriber should proceed to relevant measurements using the tool CyNettest which was developed by the Office of Electronic Communications & Postal Regulations. Any measurements conducted by any other tool won’t be accepted. Essentials requirements are the direct connection of the terminal equipment to a cable and the disconnection of any other devices from the wireless network. The measurements should be take place in three consecutive calendar days during various parts of the day.

6. A complaint will be considered valid if the Subscriber will have received speeds lower that the speeds described in paragraph 3, unless the measurements have been affected by factors which are mentioned above and/or the exceptions of paragraphs 2 and/or 4 are applicable. The Subscriber must provide the abovementioned measurements to Primetel in the complaint report. Primetel reserves the right to assess as unacceptable the Subscriber’s measurements and conduct its own measurements.

7. In particular, the process applicable to the Subscribers’ complaints management, is the following:
7.1 The Subscriber reports the issue which encounters regarding the speeds or the quality of Services, either by visiting any of Primetel’s shops or electronically at info@prime-tel.com, or at Primetel’s service center at 133, by providing simultaneously all relevant evidence. It is understood that in order to register the Subscriber’s complaint, the latter should proceed to all relevant measurements through the CyNettest toll and examinations with the assistance of Primetel’s operating officers.
7.2 Primetel’s competent department shall conduct the examination of the complaint. If additional technical actions and/or examination are considered necessary, a visit by Primetel’s technical assistant to the Subscriber’s estate may be needed, in order to assess whether the issue concerns internal or external cabling.
7.3 In the light of the above, Primetel’s competent support department informs the Subscriber, accordingly.