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NB-VPN service

The NB-VPN (Network Based Virtual Private Network), provides connectivity between multiple corporate branches and serves the data traffic (data), voice and video from a single network.

Using Primetel’s IP-MPLS technology, the connection is made safe with customers’ data.

Basic Advantages of the service

No additional equipment required
Centralized Control
1 or 2 analogue lines included at each location without extra costs
Availability of Failover Solution

With the use of Ethernet, Primetel gives an exclusive circuit from one end to the other with speeds from 1Mbps to 10Gbits depending on your business needs. Services are provided in the following combinations:

Point to Point or P2Pa

It is one of the basic services of Network Ethernet. It combines safety, quality and ease of interface with 2 points for high-speed data transfer.
Point to MultiPoint or P2MP

The P2MP service connects a central location to several other locations.

Access to services Ethernet services are implemented either via copper (up to 3 Mbit) or by using fiber optic for speeds up to 100 Mbit.

Basic Advantages of the Service

Unlimited possibilities of carrying voice, data and video
High network availability
High safety communication

International Links
Primetel offers the possibility to interface points between Cyprus and any part of the globe through private fiber optical network, proprietary POP’s in London, Frankfurt, Moscow and Athens as well as linkages with reputable telecom organizations in almost every country of the World. The level of service is guaranteed, which means that full bandwidth is available at any time.The SLA (Service Level Agreement) guarantees 99.9% availability.

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