Advertising services

Primetel’s Media department gives companies the opportunity to promote their products or services through a range of available mediums, and can offer packages for the following services:

Advertising Options

  • Primetel and Cablenet TV Channels broadcasting Omonoia, AEK, APOEL, Anorthosi, Pafos, Ermis & Karmiotissa home games as well as, La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 matches.
  • Banner advertising within PrimeTime Magazine, Live Streaming, YouTube, newsletters and specific areas within our website.
  • Print Advertising in PrimeTime magazine, which is sent out to subscribers on a monthly basis.

How can I advertise with PrimeTel?

Call our Media Department on +357 25100880 / fax 25100881 or send us an email

Advertising Services



Online Advertising

Advertising Services

PrimeTel and Cablenet TV Channels offer you the opportunity to advertise your company during all home games of Omonoia, AEK, APOEL, Anorthosi, Pafos, Ermis & Karmiotissa for the Cyprus Championship, Cup (excluding the Cup Final) and Play-Offs, as well as the European qualifiers for Omonoia, APOEL and Anorthosi.

In addition the 45 minute Pre and Post game shows provide an additional advertising option. This exposure can occur in various ways depending on the needs of your company. Furthermore companies can also place their TV advert during football matches for the Spanish “La Liga” Championship, the German “Bundesliga” Championship and the French “Ligue 1” Championship.

Various clever animations, that commit viewers since they are aired during the live local football matches, can be produced by our dedicated team.

For examples please click here.

PrimeTel magazine is not your average TV guide. Within its pages, readers can find useful articles, information on general subjects and of course there are exposure opportunities.
Through PrimeTel magazine, advertisers can, on a monthly basis, come in contact with all our subscribers. The magazine normally remains at the subscribers home for the whole month and its vast articles target both gender audiences.
Exposure can be achieved through:

  • Advert (Full page, ½, ¼ page etc))
  • Section/Article Sponsorship
  • Company presentation or Interview
  • Other Special activities

Click here to read the Primetime magazine.

Realizing the importance of digital information mediums, PrimeTel proceeded to create a new website in 2016. Digital banners can be placed within various sections of this website.

PrimeTel uses banner campaigns for its online advertising media. Newsletters, which include advertising clickable banners, are sent out to our subscribers on a monthly basis.

Companies can also benefit from exposure within PrimeTel’s YouTube page. Specifically adverts can be placed before the videos created for the web goals and web highlights of each local football match. These videos boast additional exposure as they are used by nearly all local news and sports websites.

Banners are also placed within our Live Streaming webpage. This page guarantees user engagement since it is the page users access to view the home games of Omonoia, AEK, APOEL, Anorthosi, and Pafos.