Ameca: Α humanoid robot with realistic facial expressions

Ameca: Α humanoid robot with realistic facial expressions


06 December 2021

Engineered Arts, the company that designs and built humanoid robots, has revealed its latest creation called Ameca. Ameca is a new humanoid robot that can make many human-like facial expressions.

In the video, Ameca at first seems confused as it appears to wake up, then shows mild astonishment when it moves its hands. It then appears surprised to see the viewer or camera, and finishes the video with a smile and welcoming hand gesture.

According to Engineered Arts, Ameca doesn’t walk, but this will change in the future. The company also said that the robot doesn’t use AI and instead leaves AI capabilities to developers — it just handles the ultra-realistic bodies.

The company also has developed another realistic robot, called Mesmer, using 3D scans of actual humans to give the bot accurate bone structure, skin texture, and lifelike facial expressions. In a video posted, Mesmer also makes a series of expressions that looks even more convincing, given that this bot has more lifelike skin and facial features than Ameca does now.

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