Android 13 is now available for Pixel smartphones

Android 13 is now available for Pixel smartphones


16 August 2022

Much earlier than expected this year, Google launched the final version of its mobile operating system, as owners of Pixel smartphones now have the opportunity to install Android 13 on their devices and enjoy its new features.

According to the company, Android 13 brings significant upgrades in various areas, both in terms of design and functionality, while revealing on its official blog the 13 main elements that will make us love it.

These are the following:

  • Android 13 comes with a refreshed design and style based on the Material You line. Users can configure third-party app icons based on theme and wallpaper colors for a more personalized user experience.

  • Users will be able to choose different languages ​​for each application separately, regardless of the system language. For example, you will be able to have Android 13 in Greek and Facebook in English.

  • Updated media player that adapts to the music or podcast you're listening to at the moment. It also works for content played from the Chrome browser.

  • Improvements to the Wellbeing section, with Bedtime mode automatically applying the dark theme and lower lighting for the wallpaper. In this way, the eyes adapt better to low light when you fall asleep and the device remains in this style in case you wake up during the night, in order not to "get stuck" and lose your sleep.

  • Ability to give access to specific photos and videos to the applications that ask for it, instead of access to your entire gallery.

  • Automatic deletion of the sensitive data you copy from the clipboard history, such as email address, phone number, password, etc.

  • From now on, every application will first ask for your permission to send notifications, whereas before this feature was enabled by default.

  • Spatial Audio support on compatible headphones.

  • Direct communication of messaging applications with Chromebooks to send and receive messages from the laptop.

  • Support for Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio, the new standard for better synchronization, reduced latency and ability to send audio to more than one connected device (eg two pairs of headphones at the same time).

  • Ability to copy content (URL, image, text, video) from Android smartphone and paste to tablet (and vice versa).

  • Easier multitasking on tablets with a renewed taskbar to see all the applications at the bottom and drag them into split-screen mode effortlessly.

  • Android tablets will recognize palm and stylus as separate touches to avoid accidental entries while using them.

In addition to the above, Android 13 brings with it a multitude of upgrades such as HDR video support in third-party camera applications, a renewed profile for switching multimedia sources, a Braille screen for Talkback and new ways of seamlessly communicating with other devices such as tablets and laptops.

In the coming weeks we expect the corresponding Android 13 distributions for devices from Samsung, ASUS, HMD Global (Nokia), iQOO, Motorola, OnePlus, OPPO, realme, Sharp, Sony, Tecno, vivo, Xiaomi, etc.

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