Apple Music Classical is now available on Android

Apple Music Classical is now available on Android


30 May 2023

Although one would expect Apple to prioritise its other devices, such as the iPad and Mac, the company has decided to launch its separate Apple Music Classical music service first on Android devices, following its initial launch for iPhone at the end of last March.

As in the case of Apple Music for Android devices, Apple Music Classical borrows several elements from the design of the iPhone version of the service, while all the separate features remain the same. Of course, users who already have a subscription to Apple Music will also be able to enjoy Apple Music Classical at no extra charge.

Apple had announced in 2021 the acquisition of the niche music service Primerphonic with the aim of creating something special for classical music. Despite its announcements of a launch in 2022, Apple Music Classical was delayed by a few months, but at least it's worth it if you're a fan of the genre.

Unlike other music services, including Apple Music, Apple Music Classical comes with a cleaner user interface, 5+ million classical music performances in the highest quality, 100+ specially crafted playlists, thousands of exclusives and other interesting information about artists and their work. It also stands out for its advanced search system based on the work, performance, artist, symphony orchestra, etc.

Apple Music Classical - [Google Play Store Link]

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