Apple prevented $2.09 billion fraud transactions in 2022

Apple prevented $2.09 billion fraud transactions in 2022


17 May 2023

Apple's App Store prevented $2 billion worth of malicious transactions from taking place in 2022, according to a company report that analyzes the security strengths of both the App Store and the Apple Pay mobile payment system.

It also prevented nearly 3.9 million stolen credit cards from being used to make purchases in the App Store and blocked 714,000 accounts from making new transactions, and somehow came up with the $2.09 billion total the company reports.

Furthermore, Apple points out that it rejected nearly 1.7 million requests to publish new apps on the App Store because they did not meet requirements regarding security, privacy and quality of content. Of these, 400,000 were rejected for privacy violations, 153,000 for spam or copying existing apps or misleading users, while 29,000 were rejected because they included hidden data.

Nearly 428,000 developer accounts were permanently deleted for possible malicious activity and 105 million developer account requests were blocked. In addition, 292 million fake user accounts were deleted and 198 million fake user accounts were blocked. At the same time, Apple removed 147 million fake app reviews and ratings that were intended to fool users about the quality of the app in question.

All this comes to prove that Apple is very serious about the security and privacy of its App Store users, and the quality of its ecosystem in general, at a time when it has been forced to allow the famous sideloading of the next generation iPhone...

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