Blue Abyss will be the world's biggest and deepest pool

Blue Abyss will be the world's biggest and deepest pool


The biggest and deepest pool in the world is being built by Blue Abyss Ltd. in Cornwall. The pool will be used for testing advanced undersea robotics and it will be the world's first commercial training facility for astronauts.

The new Blue Abyss facility will cost $ 212 million and will be built at the Aerohub Enterprise Zone in Cornwall Airport Newquay. The pool will measure about 164 ft (50 m) long, 132 ft (40 m) wide, and reach a depth of 164 ft (50 m) in its 52-ft-wide (16-m) shaft. Blue Abyss will be equal to the size of 17 swimming pools at the Olympic Games.

The ex-forces diving instructor and management consultant, John Vickers, with British astronaut Tim Peake developed Blue Abyss and designed by British architect Robin Partington. It will include the pool, astronaut training center, performance center, hypobaric and hyperbaric chambers, microgravity suite, a training center with six classrooms, as well as workshops, onsite catering, and accommodation facilities.

The construction of Blue Abyss will take about 18 months and is expected to open in 2023.

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