Daylist is the latest Spotify feature

Daylist is the latest Spotify feature


15 September 2023

Spotify's newest feature, daylist, an ever-evolving playlist that adjusts to your moods throughout the day, adds to its portfolio of personalized playlists. The new playlist will be available alongside Discovery Weekly, On Repeat, your genre mixes, and other customised playlists, providing a constantly updated playlist built for "every version of you," according to the firm.

Based on your previous involvement with Spotify's app, the playlist will refresh numerous times during the day with new music and titles to represent your day. For example, if you've been listening to cheerful and happy music on particular mornings, you may get a suggestion like "bedroom pop banger early morning," according to a Spotify image of a daylist playlist.

Spotify proposes that your daylist may include other slightly wacky captions like "windows down thrillwave Thursday evening" or "happy dance energy Friday morning." Every time the playlist is updated, you'll get new tunes and a new title.

The functionality looks to expand on Spotify's understanding of music metadata, which enabled the company to debut Niche Mixes earlier this year.Users might utilize this tool to create a personalized playlist by typing in practically any activity, attitude, or style. Those "vibes" are now being linked to your real Spotify usage to produce a one-stop-shop playlist designed to highlight how you listen to music throughout the day.

Spotify supports this, stating that the playlist is often updated, bringing together the "niche music and microgenres" you typically listen to at specific times of the day and week.

The images for your daylist will also change during the day, transitioning from a yellowish sunny shade on a blue backdrop in the morning to sunset hues in the evening, a moonglow at night, and finally a deeper black in the late night.

The new playlist also features a built-in social sharing function that offers a ready-made screenshot, personalized sticker, or customisable sharecard.

Daylist is now available for free and Premium customers in English-speaking regions such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. It will eventually be expanded to additional users worldwide in the coming months.

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