Facebook adds new features to Messenger and Instagram

Facebook adds new features to Messenger and Instagram


07 May 2021

Facebook is adding several new features to Instagram and Messenger platforms.

A range of new features is offered to Messenger users, as new "Selene Chat" themes and a brand-new Star Wars sticker pack are added.

Α significant change also occurs to voice messages, as the user will only need to tap the record button once, instead of having to hold it in the entice time of recording his voice message. Also, with the new "Swipe to Archive" function, you could dismiss messages with a quick swipe.

In addition, Instagram users will be able to reply to photos and videos with their own media files. While, as in Messenger, Instagram fans will be pleased to know that if they pull a message to the right that means that they are replying to this specific part of the conversation. In this case, they won’t have to search the conversation if their message has been seen, just to check their message list.

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