Google IMAGEN creates photorealistic images through text

Google IMAGEN creates photorealistic images through text


26 May 2022

The capabilities of Artificial Intelligence have no limit and the new tool Google is the best proof. The company demonstrated the new IMAGEN tool, which can create photorealistic images by simply reading short descriptions!

IMAGEN initially created the images at a resolution of just 64 x 64 pixels, but Google manages to enlarge them to 1024 x 1024 without any loss in quality. Compared to other technologies, such as DALL-E 2, IMAGEN fully understands the meaning so that the end result reflects the description as well as possible. For example you can see the three glass spheres floating in the ocean and showing the sunset inside them, while it could just have three spheres and the sunset separately.

It is worth noting that Google considers the IMAGEN tool to be particularly powerful and states that it would be ethical to limit its use to purely non-commercial and / or academic applications.

You can also experiment with IMAGEN here.

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