Google Search quoted searches will get even better

Google Search quoted searches will get even better


04 August 2022

Did you know that you can search for a specific word or phrase in Google Search using quotes? It's one of the best search engine tools for finding exactly what you're looking for, and now it's getting even better thanks to the improvements Google announced.

In particular, the short descriptions below the search results (snippets) will now be created at the exact point where the word or phrase the user is looking for is found within the websites that include it and the search term will be highlighted in bold letters.


Previously, Google would show search results that included the word or phrase in quotes, but the description (the snippet) might not show what the user was looking for. As Yonghao Jin, the company's developer, explains,

In the past, we didn't go this route because sometimes search terms in quotes appeared in text or descriptions that didn't help the user much. For example, a word or phrase could appear in the menu of a web page to send you to different areas of it, and creating snippets around those areas is not easy for the search engine, nor does it lead to readable content.

The company's official blog mentions some of the limitations and possible failures of quoted searches, such as the possibility that the search term is in "hidden text" like that of meta descriptions and ALT text that the search engine reads, but not the final one user.

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