Google updates MusicFX, TextFX and introduces ImageFX AI tool

Google updates MusicFX, TextFX and introduces ImageFX AI tool


02 February 2024

Google is introducing ImageFX, a new generative AI tool that creates the highest-quality photos among all of Google's image-generation tools. ImageFX, powered by Imagen 2, is Google DeepMind's latest text-to-image model. Google DeepMind is its AI research department, and it has recently announced ImageFX, as well as upgrades to its current MusicFX and TextFX products.

The company's blog post defines the updated image-generation model as follows:

ImageFX is a new tool in Labs that lets people create images with simple text prompts. Our early experiments in Labs highlighted how important creative exploration is to new users of generative AI tools. People often discover new ideas through testing a range of prompts and concepts as they iterate. To spur further creativity, ImageFX includes a prompt interface featuring “expressive chips” that let you quickly experiment with adjacent dimensions of your creation and ideas.

ImageFX employs Google DeepMind's SynthID to include digital watermarks in created photos. These watermarks are imperceptible to the human ear and sight, yet they may be detected for identification.

Google unveiled updates to its MusicFX app, which was introduced last year. Users may now utilize this AI tool to produce songs up to 70 seconds long, music loops, as well as download and share their music with others.

Google is also focusing on improving audio quality and speed of music generation, as well as allowing users to test suggestions with expressive chips to aid in song production. It said that music samples created utilizing these upgrades outperformed prior ones by three times.

The company also provided upgrades to its TextFX. TextFX was also released last year as an experimental generative AI tool for authors, lyricists, and others. It has now improved the user experience and navigation of the AI model.

Google also stated that it has implemented safety processes to prevent improper information from being created, including adversarial testing, the addition of safety filters and technical safeguards, and the investment in data safety training. Google also wrote:

Furthermore, all photos created with ImageFX include IPTC metadata, providing users with additional information anytime they meet our AI-generated images. We will continue to invest in these and other approaches to enhance our models' safety and privacy.

These artificial intelligence tools are available in the United States, New Zealand, Kenya, and Australia.

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