Google will shut down VPN by Google One service

Google will shut down VPN by Google One service


15 April 2024

Google introduced a new feature to its Google One cloud storage service in October 2020. Google One introduced VPN, a simple tool for encrypting internet data. The service was offered to subscribers who paid for plans that included at least 2TB of cloud storage. However, such service will no longer be provided for those purposes.According to 9to5Google, Google One members were notified via email this week that the VPN service will be shut down "later this year".

The notice to Google One subscribers did not provide a particular explanation for the VPN feature's discontinuation. However, a corporate spokesperson told 9to5Google that it's being shut down because the team "found people simply weren't using it." According to the announcement, removing the feature will allow the team to "support more in-demand features with Google One."

While the VPN by Google One function will soon be removed, owners of Google's Pixel 7 handsets and higher will be able to continue using their built-in Google VPN service for free. Google will also continue to provide a VPN service to its Google Fi wireless clients.

Google's VPN services were found to alter DNS settings in Windows 10 and 11, causing issues. Google has not indicated whether this was one of the reasons for the VPN shutdown by Google One.

In addition to deprecating VPN, Google One announced in an email that it will no longer offer free delivery for select print orders through its Google Photos service in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union. The free delivery offer expires on May 15.

On May 15, Google announced free access to AI-based capabilities in its Photos service for more users, which is certainly not a coincidence. This includes restricted free use of the Magic Editor tool, which was formerly reserved to Pixel.

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