Instagram begins testing a new full-screen feed

Instagram begins testing a new full-screen feed


17 June 2022

Meta announced that it is starting the trials for a full-screen viewing experience of the posts on the Instagram platform, in order to improve the way the photos and videos are displayed, while at the same time it will take advantage of this experimental period to proceed to changes related to the navigation bar at the bottom.

The full-screen appearance is very reminiscent of TikTok, while for the navigation bar the main change will be the return of the button to create a new post, as there has been a decrease in new posts since it was moved to the top. After all, Meta's goal is to keep users on the Instagram platform, and obviously creating new content easily and quickly is fundamental.

The changes were announced by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who stressed that photos are still a very important factor in the success of Instagram, without of course degrading the launch of Reels and videos in general.

At the moment the tests are carried out in small groups of users and after the company receives their feedback, then it will proceed to the final launch for the whole world.

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