Instagram now supports NFTs

Instagram now supports NFTs


10 May 2022

Starting this week, Instagram will give users another chance to take advantage of their popularity and make money. After several months of intense gossip, Meta made the big decision to allow the posting of the famous NFTs on its platforms, with Instagram starting with some users in the US.

According to the company, users will be able to post the "digital collectibles" in their possession (eg art, photos, GIFs, videos, cards, etc.) completely free of charge in posts, stories and personal messages that send. After the post is made on Instagram, then a tag will appear that will indicate to other users that it is NFT and clicking on it will display more information about the creator and its owner.

To support the operation of NFTs, the Instagram team pulls data from open blockchains, initially Ethereum and Polygon, while later Solana and Flow will be added. Third-party wallets such as Trust Wallet, MetaMask and Rainbow are also supported, and Dapper, Phantom and Coinbase will be added soon.

The beginning will be from Instagram, but in Meta's aspirations is the expansion of NFTs to Facebook at a later time. Note, however, that the NFTs market has collapsed in recent months.

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