Instagram will undo several of the changes recently made to the service

Instagram will undo several of the changes recently made to the service


01 August 2022

Several of the new features we've seen on Instagram in recent weeks will be removed from the service, as confirmed by head Adam Mosseri. This decision was made due to the intense criticism that Meta receives even from the most prominent influencers of Instagram, as they consider that the service has turned into a bad version of TikTok.

In a recent interview with the Platformer website, Adam Mosseri said he was happy that Meta took a risk with the new Instagram changes. He believes that if they do not dare to proceed with changes, then they do not have big goals, but at the same time he admitted that they should take a step back for the time being and take into account the criticism of the users to come back with fresh ideas.

At the center of the new Instagram, but also of Facebook, will be the recommended posts, which Mosseri believes should make users happy, because the algorithm selects them based on their personal interests. Clearly the algorithm should be improved to choose the best possible recommended content.

It is worth noting that the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, had revealed last week that recommended posts occupy about 15% of the posts that the user sees on Facebook and a little more on Instagram. The company's goal is for these percentages to reach 30% by 2023, but it is possible that its philosophy will change due to the latest developments.

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