Internet Explorer is now officially dead

Internet Explorer is now officially dead


16 June 2022

The end for the once most popular web browser in the world has arrived, as from June 15, 2022, the support of Internet Explorer from Microsoft stopped permanently. The company had announced its withdrawal from last year, but anyway had urged users to choose Microsoft Edge for surfing the Internet for several years (from 2017 to be exact).

Those of you who have been using Windows PCs for over 10 years, most likely Interner Explorer has been the web browser of your choice for some time. Despite these 26 years, problems and many security vulnerabilities had forced users to turn to other solutions, which is why Google Chrome managed to get the first place in a relatively short time, while several users chose Mozilla Firefox, Opera and finally Vivaldi and Brave.

The big bet for Microsoft in its quest to bring something new was the development of Microsoft Edge, which initially looked like Internet Explorer until in 2020 everything changed with the company's decision to rebuild it from scratch based on Google Chrome's Chromium engine . In general, Microsoft Edge offers everything that users know from the Chrome browser, but it does not lack its own touches and, perhaps, better behavior in terms of security and consumption of system resources (battery, RAM, processing power, etc.). ).

Either way, we say goodbye to Internet Explorer after 26 years, and for better or worse, it has written its own story in those first decades of the Internet in our lives.

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