Meta focuses on vertical videos for Facebook

Meta focuses on vertical videos for Facebook


05 April 2024

Meta has updated its Facebook video player to include Reels, longer films, and Live material in a single fullscreen view. According to Meta, the new player will include improved suggestions for films of various durations based on user preferences, as well as additional features that allow users to watch videos anyway they choose.

The new player will also display more relevant video suggestions, regardless of length, in the Feed and Video Tab, as well as additional Reels to fulfill the increased demand for this format. It is intended to make it easier for people to discover and interact with video content on Facebook, as well as for artists to reach new audiences.

Meta will display all videos vertically first, but will include a new fullscreen option for horizontal movies, allowing users to watch them in landscape mode. There is also a slider at the bottom that allows users to skip ahead or backward to a specific area of the video. Tapping on a video will display typical video controls such as the pause button, as well as 10-second fast-forward and rewind buttons.

Meta claims that, while all sorts of films are available on Facebook, it will push for more Reels to "meet the growing demand for this format." Reels are becoming popular on Instagram and Facebook, particularly among younger audiences. Short-form video forms, such as Reels, are simple to consume, distribute, and entertain, making them an engaging type of material that viewers enjoy watching.

TikTok's success has led to the short-form video craze, with users spending about an hour each day on its platform in the US. Other social media platforms have followed suit. Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube have all begun to promote short-form video content more algorithmically.

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