Meta Quest Pro is the first high-end headset for the metaverse

Meta Quest Pro is the first high-end headset for the metaverse


12 October 2022

Meta presented the first truly high-end VR/MX headset for the era of the metaverse, which is called Meta Quest Pro and is mainly aimed at professionals, since the more "humble" Quest 2 will remain available for casual gamers.

Meta Quest Pro is the world's first device with Snadragpn XR2+ Gen1 processor, promises 50% better performance and 30% better heat dissipation compared to Quest 2, and comes with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage. Significant change in the screens, as the Fresnel lenses have been replaced by new optics that reduce the overall thickness by 40%, but at the same time dramatically improve the performance.


According to Meta, the Quest Pro improves image clarity by 25% in the center and 50% in the periphery. Note that the design of the headset has been done in such a way that a part of the peripheral vision catches the real world in order to be in touch with your surroundings. Those who wish to fully immerse themselves in the VR world can install the shades included in the package.

Two LCD screens with local dimming and Quantum dot technology have been installed in the Meta Quest Pro, which offer 75% better contrast and include 37% more pixels per inch, which in turn are 10% larger and support 30% more colors.


The new VR/MX headset is also designed for the mixed reality experience, thanks to the 10 cameras (5 internal + 5 external), all in color with 4x better resolution than the Quest 2. The internal cameras monitor eye and head movement, so that the digital avatar imitates your expressions, and all this data always remains exclusively on the device.

The package includes the Meta Quest Touch Pro remote controls, with an ergonomic design and separate sensors to detect the slightest movement of the user, as well as a charging base that powers both the headset and the remote controls at the same time.

Meta Quest Pro will be available from October 25, 2022 for $1499.99.

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