Microsoft reportedly building game streaming device and app for Smart TVs

Microsoft reportedly building game streaming device and app for Smart TVs


09 May 2022

Microsoft can't wait for the semiconductor industry to meet demand for the Xbox Series X / S. Instead of selling gaming consoles to consumers, it intends to bring Xbox games to everyone and everywhere in a different way.

The latest information wants the company to prepare its own Chromecast-like stick, which you can connect to any TV and / or screen to have direct access to the subscription game streaming service Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and play all games with your Xbox Controller. In addition to the game streaming service, the device will support other streaming services (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video), so all you will need to enjoy Xbox games and your favorite movie series will be a good and fast internet connection.

Apart from the stick, however, the company is working closely with Samsung to develop a separate application that you can install for free on the Korean company's Smart TVs to have direct access to the aforementioned without even needing another device. Both the device and the application are expected to be ready for commercialization within the next year.

Microsoft's move does not make much impression, because almost from the first moment of the introduction of the Xbox Series X / S, the company stated that it is not particularly interested in sales of new game consoles. That's why it has put more weight into the development of the game streaming service and is constantly looking for ways to grow its subscriber base.

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