Netflix now lets you sign out from multiple devices

Netflix now lets you sign out from multiple devices


23 November 2022

Netflix continues its actions to combat password sharing. This time it gives users the possibility to check from one place the devices on which they have logged in with their account details and of course to sign out.

In this way, the user can easily block devices that may no longer be in their hands, such as from an ex-partner, but also check whether their data has been intercepted!

The new feature is called Manage Access and Devices and you'll find it in your account settings within the Netflix app for Android and iOS devices. Go to Account, then to the Security & Privacy section and by clicking on Manage Access and Devices you will see the entire list of devices you have used your Netflix account on such as TVs, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Below each one is information about the last time you used it, the location and a large button for immediate and quick Sign Out.

For the time being, it is not known whether this possibility will also be provided through the versions of Netflix for computers and televisions.

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