New Gmail design rolls out to all users

New Gmail design rolls out to all users


30 June 2022

Last February, Google unveiled a new Gmail service interface that looks clearer and less loaded. From this week, the company announced that it will show all users the new design, but will give them the option to return to the old, while until recently the opposite was happening.


The new Gmail has a built-in sidebar on the left side for instant access to Mail, Chat, Spaces and Meet, so it brings all the productivity services in one place so that the user's attention is not distracted by going to separate windows. Leaving the mouse cursor on the aforementioned services you will see a preview of the conversations and spaces, while by clicking on Meet you will be able to start a video conference immediately.


In addition, users have the option to choose which of the services they want to appear in the left column, but also to return to the old look by clicking on the settings gear in the upper right corner. In case you do not see the new look, then from the same part of the settings you can click on "Try out the new Gmail view".

For now, the redesign only concerns the desktop version of Gmail, but something similar is expected for the service's mobile applications, especially for Android devices.

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