Phone Link app brings iMessage to Windows 11 PCs

Phone Link app brings iMessage to Windows 11 PCs


06 March 2023

A very important announcement from Microsoft that is of particular interest to iPhone owners with Windows PCs, as the company has started testing the direct communication between the PC and the iMessage service via the Phone Link application.

The Phone Link app is known to allow connection to Android smartphones via Bluetooth, but now the ability to connect to iPhones is also unlocked, so users can access contacts, make and receive calls, send and receive messages from iMessage, and view notifications directly from their computer.

In this first implementation there are several limitations. Sending photos, videos and audio files is not supported, nor are group chats, and you can't tell if it's an SMS or text message via iMessage (the famous blue and green bubbles). Furthermore, the user can't see the entire history of the conversation, only those actions that have been performed via Phone Link.

We understand that this is the first trial version of this communication between Windows and iPhone, so we can expect major improvements until it is officially launched as a feature of Phone Link for all users. Either way, it's a very important step that will bring the two worlds of Apple and Microsoft closer together.

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