Twitter Notes official testing begins

Twitter Notes official testing begins


23 June 2022

Twitter has officially announced that it has begun testing Notes, a new way to write and publish lengthy content on the social networking platform. The test is performed on small groups of users from the USA, Canada, Ghana and the United Kingdom.

The company states that Notes can be read both on Twitter and abroad in most countries. Test users have access to the new Write tab where they can write and view all their Notes. Also, another Notes tab appears in their profile, where all their posts are located so that their followers can easily find them.

With Twitter Notes users will be able to write articles with all formatting options (headlines, bullets, bold, italics, quotes etc.), embed videos, photos and other tweets, and of course share them with all known ways (tweets, retweets, personal messages, likes, bookmarks, etc.).

The shift to Notes is by no means accidental, despite the fact that it contradicts the original Twitter philosophy, which was essentially created to express yourself easily and quickly through small 140-character tweets (then doubled to 280). The decision came after it was found that many users choose Twitter to share their views and it had become quite difficult to consistently follow the big threads.

In essence, Twitter is preparing to enter a new era of microblogging such as Medium or WordPress platforms. From the moment the official tests started, the general launch of Twitter Notes worldwide will not be long in coming.

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