WhatsApp Channels: A private way to follow what matters

WhatsApp Channels: A private way to follow what matters


08 June 2023

Many business owners and major corporations have worked to develop a workable alternative for people who are unhappy with the modifications made by the social network's new owner after Elon Musk acquired Twitter. Though both require some getting used to, Bluesky and Mastodon seem like the best apps for Twitter users to move to.

WhatsApp simply couldn't pass up the chance, and while it doesn't try to replace Twitter, it does absorb one of its key components, the (in)famous feed. Channels is a brand-new feature that users may access in a new page called Updates that WhatsApp launched earlier today.

Separate from their chats, WhatsApp users may locate their Status and the channels they want to follow in Channels. WhatsApp has developed a searchable directory where users can find channels related to their hobbies, sports teams, local government updates, and much more. This makes it simpler for users to locate channels to subscribe to and fill their Channels list.

Additionally, invite URLs supplied by chat, email, or even online posting can be used to join a channel. According to WhatsApp, followers won't see your phone number or profile picture if you are a Channel administrator. Additionally, if you are only a channel follower, neither the admin nor other followers will see your phone number.

WhatsApp stated that it would only keep channel history on its servers for a maximum of 30 days, though it may add features to make changes vanish from followers' devices more quickly. Additionally, administrators have the option to ban screenshots and forwards from their channel if they deem it necessary.

The option to build a channel and the new Channels feature will be made accessible in additional nations over the next several months after initially being made available in Colombia and Singapore.

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