WhatsApp introduces Secret Code as an extra privacy layer

WhatsApp introduces Secret Code as an extra privacy layer


04 December 2023

WhatsApp is beefing up the security of its Chat Lock function by introducing Secret Codes that will conceal private chat rooms.

Chat Lock now collects chats and stores them in a separate folder that can only be accessible with your phone's password or biometric login. If you share the smartphone with others, this might be useful. It does not, however, prevent other persons who know the password from sneaking a peek at any moment. Secret Codes solves this by allowing users to create a second password that is distinct from "what you use to unlock your phone." According to WhatsApp's statement, creating one will cause your closed folder to disappear from your inbox as an added degree of anonymity.

To reactivate hidden conversations, the company claims that you must enter your freshly produced code immediately into the search field on the main website. If you don't want the locked folder to be completely erased, you can keep it.

WhatsApp is also making it simpler to lock conversations. Simply long press a chat, tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner, and then pick Lock Chat from the drop-down menu.

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