WhatsApp now supports passkeys on iOS

WhatsApp now supports passkeys on iOS


24 April 2024

WhatsApp will now support passkeys on iOS, allowing users to sign in using secure methods like facial recognition or biometrics instead than creating and typing a passcode.

Passkeys can be used with Face ID or Touch ID on Apple devices, and they are more secure than standard passwords because the user's device generates them uniquely for each account. They are also less vulnerable to phishing because they eliminate the need to establish and type a passcode. Passkeys that use FIDO Authentication have been shown to be resistant to threats such as phishing, credential stuffing, and other remote attacks.Passkeys handled by phone or computer operating systems are automatically synced across the user's devices via a cloud-based service.

WhatsApp is not the only app that supports passkeys; Google and Amazon are also integrating this technology. WhatsApp announced support for passkeys a year ago, but only the Android app now supports them. The Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulations, which went into effect in May of last year, may have contributed to the faster adoption of passkeys.

The platform offers offline file transfer with nearby users, an in-app dialer, and an upcoming iPad version. While the rollout may take some time to reach everyone, WhatsApp claims you will have the opportunity to set passkeys under Settings > Account > Passkeys.

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