Addicted gamers and shopping therapy

Addicted gamers and shopping therapy


12 January 2024

Gamers are fanatical consumers during sales periods, a recent Kaspersky survey has revealed. The survey shows that 71% of gamers buy as many products as possible from their shopping list during discount periods and 74% consider these sales to be a significant opportunity. Not surprisingly, the most dedicated gamers expect big discounts, even for basic purchases. More than half (53%) also make impulse purchases as they can't resist buying a product even if they hadn't originally planned to do so.

The global video game market is set to grow impressively in the coming years, with expectations of a strong annual growth rate of 9.3% between 2023 and 2028. This projected expansion underscores the ever-increasing popularity of video games as a form of entertainment around the world. The global video game market is expected to grow to nearly US$ 390 billion by 2028. The Kaspersky study also shows that gamers are just as passionate about markets as the rest of the population.

The survey reveals that most game enthusiasts will not miss the opportunity to upgrade their gaming equipment during big sales. After preparing their wish lists in advance, 71% of gamers buy as many of these products as possible during sales. Many of them do everything they can not to miss out on opportunities: 65% set alerts for new product launches such as games, upgrades or equipment, which enable them to make purchases in time.

The study highlights the importance of sale periods such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday for gaming enthusiasts, with 74% rating these discounts as very or extremely important for acquiring games, upgrades and equipment. While 31% of gamers, particularly those who play 21 hours or more per week, tend to buy products as soon as they become available, a significant 69% strategically wait for these big sale days to make key purchases.

Interestingly, the attractiveness of discounts often leads to unplanned purchases. Regardless of the initial choice, 53% of gamers buy something for their systems. Even with careful spending planning, most gamers can't resist an additional purchase on top of their general rush.

To acquire the perfect equipment, gamers are open to using different payment methods, including cryptocurrencies. A remarkable 57% of gamers feel comfortable using cryptocurrencies for online purchases and 56% for physical store transactions. Among dedicated gamers (those who play more than 21 hours a week), this preference for transactions with digital currencies jumps to two-thirds.

For secure online shopping, Kaspersky advises:

1. Type the URL in the address bar

Opening links from an online store email can have serious online security implications. Scammers may use phishing links that lead to fake websites that look like the original store website. On such sites, attackers may ask users to enter personal information or bank card numbers. So, whenever there is a need to open an online store's website, it is always best to type its URL in the address bar, avoiding any links in emails.

2. Use a temporary credit card

Some banks provide their customers with the option to issue temporary credit cards. A tool like this will help you take advantage of winter sales without fear of further data loss. Sometimes banks also offer what is known as a virtual credit card. It's similar to a regular card, but a random account number is generated for each purchase, preventing hackers from reusing the number.

3. Manage and protect your online passwords

It is widely known that for cybersecurity reasons it is necessary for consumers to have a unique and strong password for each of their accounts. But it is also obvious that creating and memorizing dozens of complex passwords is a very difficult task. Therefore, to ensure the security of online shopping, password handling can be entrusted to a trusted password manager.

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