Android 14 is now available for Pixel devices, coming soon to others as well

Android 14 is now available for Pixel devices, coming soon to others as well


06 October 2023

Google released many previews and betas of Android 14 over its preview program, which began in February. Pixel customers are now receiving the final public release version. To test out the most recent Android version, you'll need a Pixel 4a 5G or a Pixel smartphone that is more recent. In the upcoming months, Android OEMs like Samsung, iQOO, Nothing, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp, Sony, Tecno, vivo, and Xiaomi are predicted to release upgrades for their handsets running Android 14.

With the introduction of Generative AI wallpapers for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, along with text to image diffusion models, the customisation choices that Google described earlier this year are now available.

You can also change the fonts, color schemes, and custom widget shortcuts that appear on your lock screen to give you quick access to Google Home or the QR reader, for example. In order to make it simpler for you to choose your preferred design, Google also provided homescreen templates. These templates will adapt to your needs by displaying widgets like the weather app more prominently during storms.

Additionally, Android 14 adds native spatial audio support, cross-device copy/paste, support for HDR photographs with Ultra HDR, which makes your shots look more brilliant, as well as a new media player. Two additional key concerns are privacy and security. All of your personal health data is stored and encrypted locally on your smartphone through Health Connect, which is a feature of Android 14 software. Additionally, you'll be informed when apps wish to share your location data with outside parties and have the option to prevent that from happening.

With support for fingerprint identification in third-party apps and an upgraded 6-digit PIN lockscreen option, Android 14 offers improved passkey compatibility. Along with better magnification with pinch to zoom and adjustable magnification sizes, Google is introducing additional accessibility features. In order to improve legibility, Android 14 offers speedier font size adjustments from the quick settings menu. Within the accessibility settings, a hearing aid configuration is available, and there are additional choices to route sounds to different outputs.

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