Apex Legends Mobile is now available on Android and iOS

Apex Legends Mobile is now available on Android and iOS


18 May 2022

EA is finally launching the long-awaited Apex Legends Mobile for Android and iOS devices worldwide, with Respawn Entertainment creating the mobile version of the popular game from scratch, bringing some exclusivity to gamers compared to the version for game consoles and PCs.

Apex Legends Mobile offers a choice of 10 Legends and includes Fade, which is exclusive to this version. Battle Royale mode battles take place on the World’s Edge map, while there are two other modes - 3v3 and Team Deathmatch - with the latter also being exclusive to the mobile game.

According to Giovanni Ducati, one of the game's creators,

From the first moment we had in mind a highly competitive philosophy for Apex Legends Mobile, so we could not just port Apex Legends to Android and iOS devices. We chose to build it from scratch to create a mobile experience that will offer unique moments and exclusivity to mobile gamers.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for free.

Apex Legends Mobile - [App Store Link]

Apex Legends Mobile - [Google Play Link]

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