Apple will make it easier to switch from iPhone to Android

Apple will make it easier to switch from iPhone to Android


08 March 2024

In addition to supporting alternative app marketplaces and payment methods in the European Union, Apple is undertaking a number of other modifications to comply with the conditions of the Digital Markets Act. Apple released a DMA Compliance Report today, outlining some of its planned objectives.

Apple will make it easy for iPhone customers in the EU to switch OS systems. Apple plans to assist mobile operating system vendors in developing "more user-friendly solutions" for moving data from iPhones to non-Apple phones. By autumn 2025, Samsung and Google will be able to provide improved tools for moving data from iPhones.

Starting by the end of 2024, EU iPhone customers will be able to completely delete Safari from their iPhones, replacing it with an other browser. Apple is working on a browser switching solution that would allow users to export and import data from one browser to another on the same device. Apple has already begun to enable alternate web browser engines, another DMA need.

Apple is enabling third-party payment applications to use the iPhone's NFC chip for non-Apple Pay contactless payments. Developers may also make proposals for more interoperability to increase compatibility between platforms.

Interoperability requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis to assess whether they are within the scope of the DMA and whether an appropriate interoperability solution can be produced.

Developers in the EU can request further mediation beyond ordinary App Review Board evaluations. Developers who wish to fight rejected App Review Board appeals may request mediation, which Apple describes as "EU-based, easily accessible, impartial, independent, and free-of-charge."

All of these modifications are confined to developers and users in the European Union, as mandated by the Digital Markets Act.

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