Backbone One - PlayStation Edition is now available for Android devices as well

Backbone One - PlayStation Edition is now available for Android devices as well


24 May 2023

The mobile gaming category has evolved in recent years into a multi-hundred million dollar industry, which is why more and more peripheral manufacturers are looking for ways to make it easier for gamers to enjoy an even more complete gaming experience.

One of them is Backbone, which has partnered with Sony to create the Backbone One - PlayStation Edition, a remote control in which you attach your iPhone or Android smartphone and turn it into a portable gaming console to play all games on iOS and Android operating systems, as well as those on PS4 and PS5 via Sony's official Remote Play app!

The company had launched the iPhone version last summer, and now gamers with Android smartphones are taking their turn. The Backbone One - PlayStation Edition features two joysticks and the classic buttons of a DualSense controller, as well as separate buttons for accessing various menus and taking screenshots.


The remote is powered by the smartphone's battery, however, there is a USB passthrough socket to keep the smartphone connected to the charger and play as long as you want. Also, there's a 3.5mm jack to connect wired headphones.

Note that there's also the Backbone app that gives you access to streaming services like Xbox Game Pass, Nvidia GeForce Now and Amazon Luna to play your games on them as well.

The Backbone One - PlayStation Edition costs €99.

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