Bard: Google's AI chatbot opened to the public

Bard: Google's AI chatbot opened to the public


22 March 2023

Google is racing to catch up with developments in the AI field by officially launching its Bard AI chatbot too, a ChatGPT-like tool that will help users boost their productivity, expand their ideas and satisfy their curiosity.

As the company says in its official announcement, users can ask Bard to give them advice on how to achieve the goals they've set (e.g. read more books this year), explain complex concepts in a simple way (e.g. Quantum Physics topics) or even help them write a report.

At the same time, Google stresses that Bard is not yet ready to its full extent and in the coming months it will be significantly improved by interactivity with users. That's why it has also added a "Google It" button that you can click on to see the standard search results normally.

Unlike Microsoft's Bing Chat which is based on OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google has decided to use its own LaMDA model to power the Bard chatbot. Whether it will manage to provide comparable results will be seen in the coming months.

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