Better online customer experience, with MyPrimetel Selfcare

Better online customer experience, with MyPrimetel Selfcare


12 December 2022

Primetel has designed, developed and continues to optimize, an innovative self care platform able to adapt to customer needs by offering an evolving number of features and services. An environment of high functionality and convenience for both consumer and businesses customers which is accessible online or through MyPrimetel App.

MyPrimetel Selfcare platform, makes daily life easier, allowing users to securely monitor and manage their accounts, configure their plans, anytime, without restrictions from any device wherever they are.

New features include, access to invoices, immediate one click online payment, monitoring of the call history, SMS and MB usage, setting of desired monthly limits, the option to change the WiFi name, password, TV pin and Primetel TV2GO app credentials and the addition of more accounts for easier management. Furthermore, it is now easier to transfer your eSIM between different devices, as well as to change your SIM with an eSIM with instant activation.

All this while the platform works with the strictest security standards, such as the Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator applications. Thus, by activating the two-factor authentication option, operations such as password changes, transactions and eSIM features are allowed only by using two-factor authentication security.

The new service is available to all Primetel subscribers regardless of their package and without requiring any physical presence. Registration is easy, by simply entering the required information, while existing customers can set their desired email and password.

Sign up at #myprimetel following the link today: or download the app here:

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