Boston Dynamics’ Spot robots dance to BTS

Boston Dynamics’ Spot robots dance to BTS


The robot company Boston Dynamics published a video where seven Spot robots are grooving to the band’s 2020 song IONIQ: I’m On It to celebrate its acquisition by Hyundai.

The company said the ability of robots to avoid knocking into each other during the dance was entirely down to “painstaking positioning and programming” rather than Spot’s built-in obstacle-avoidance smarts.

Boston Dynamics roboticist Eric Whitman said:

There were a lot of challenges around getting the vision of our choreographer, who’s used to dealing with human dancers, into our software. Everything had to be worked out in advance and scripted precisely. Robots have the advantage over humans in that they’re very repeatable: Once you get it right, it stays right. But they have the disadvantage that you have to tell them every little detail. They don’t improvise at all.

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