Can smartwatches predict blood test results?

Can smartwatches predict blood test results?


Researchers from Duke University and Stanford University claim that smartwatches could predict the results of users’ blood tests.

According to researchers, through the use of machine learning smartwatches could indicate certain types of conditions related to the health of our human body, based on heart rate, body temperature, and daily activity.

The idea behind the study came when researchers wondered if the data collected from smartwatches could be used to indicate the results from blood tests. During the study, 54 patients were observed over a three-year period and researchers found that smartwatches could actually predict conditions such as anemia and dehydration.

However, they were concerned about the "amount" of data from smartwatches, as the data collected isn’t always specific enough to predict things like white blood cell counts - for example - or any other disease.

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