Dota: Dragon’s Blood gets a second season

Dota: Dragon’s Blood gets a second season


Netflix has announced that DotA: Dragon's Blood has already earned itself a second season: Book Two.

Dota: Dragon's Blood is a fantasy-adventure anime based on Valve’s popular MOBA video game Dota 2. The first season of Dragon’s Blood focuses on Davion, known as Dragon Knight from Dota 2. It tells the story of the Radiant and Dire’s eternal conflict — the two sides players compete for in Dota 2 matches.

DotA: Dragon's Blood was produced by South Mir Studio Mir and US company Kaiju Boulevard, in collaboration with another South Korean studio, Production Reve.

Fans of Dota will be pleased to know that there is a new documentary on Netflix, called Free to Play in which they can watch "three professional video game players as they compete in an international tournament with a million-dollar prize." The Dota Twitter account refers to it as "the story of the tournament that started it all."

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