Duolingo will add Math and Music to its education app

Duolingo will add Math and Music to its education app


08 September 2023

Duolingo, the producer of language learning apps, formally confirmed the upcoming release of its latest product, Duolingo Music. It was reported in March that the business was looking for music expertise and that work on the music app was underway earlier this month. Duolingo declined to comment at the time, suggesting more information to come at its upcoming Duocon conference on October 11.

The edtech app company is now formally hyping the coming of its new "multi-subject experience," which will combine Duolingo Math, Duolingo Music, and its flagship language-learning product all in one app. The company claims that its Duocon event would provide an in-depth look at the new experience.

Duolingo shows off the first official product photos in a marketing film, indicating that the revamped software would include bite-sized courses, interactive activities, and the ability for users to level up their skills. Music-related code within the Duolingo app featured graphics of piano keys and a drum, as well as lines of code addressing music sessions, songs, and music unit reviews, among other things.

While Duolingo did not confirm all of the new music product's contents, it did say that the new app will have "hundreds" of courses and over 200 "fun and familiar tunes." The software will also make use of Duolingo's hallmark gamified learning experience and interactive exercises that allow users to learn by doing.

The business claimed that the need for music education in the United States had an impact on its choice to enter the music industry. According to Duolingo, over 3.6 million kids lack access to music education, and private lessons can cost up to $400 per hour. Additionally, research has demonstrated that learning music improves related abilities, such as reading, language, listening, and math, according to Duolingo.

For a while now, the business has been attempting to apply its learning approach to other subject areas.

For instance, Duolingo released the free Duolingo ABC English literacy software for kids during the COVID-19 pandemic. It released Duolingo Math in October, marking the first time it has expanded outside language learning.

At Duocon on October 11, Duolingo Music and the multi-subject experience in the new app will be completely unveiled.

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