Elon Musk introduces View Count on Twitter

Elon Musk introduces View Count on Twitter


29 December 2022

Elon Musk has revealed a new feature for the Twitter platform, which will show all users immediately how many views each tweet has gathered. According to the CEO of the company, the view index will be similar to the one we see in the videos hosted on the platform.

We're launching View Count on Twitter, so you can see how many times your tweet has been viewed by other users. This is normal for videos and will help prove how alive Twitter really is, as 90% of users just read without posting, replying, liking and generally not interacting with public actions.

The number of views will be visible on all versions of Twitter (iOS, Android, web) and will appear at the bottom of each tweet on the left side. The truth is that there is anyway a way to see how many views your tweets have gathered through the statistical analysis tools in your account, but the new View Count will be visible to everyone. It is also noted that the views will increase even if the same user sees the tweet several times, just that the number of unique views will obviously be smaller.

Compared to what we've seen so far on Twitter since Elon Musk took over, the View Count feature is one of the few things that hasn't divided the world…

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