EU finalizes USB-C legislation as mandatory for electronic devices

EU finalizes USB-C legislation as mandatory for electronic devices


25 October 2022

The European Union has given its final approval to the bill that will force all technology companies, such as Apple, to adopt USB-C connectors in their electronic devices.

In the official Press Release published by the European Council, it is stated that approval was given to the European Parliament for the use of a common charger from the end of 2024 and only the formal publication of the directive by the European Union remains. The implementation of the new bill will start in exactly 24 months from the publication and from that moment it will not be allowed to sell an electronic device without a USB-C connector for charging it, with some exceptions regarding small gadgets.

Regardless of the manufacturer, all new smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras, headphones, portable game consoles, portable speakers, e-readers, keyboards, mice and navigation systems must have a USB-C connector, while the exceptions they concern devices that have a very small size, such as smartwatches, fitness bands and health trackers. In addition, companies should place separate labels that will clearly inform the user of the charging features of the device they are purchasing.

The EU also wants to ensure that wireless charging solutions are compatible with each other as the technology evolves, and therefore requires companies to follow common standards to avoid locking users into one ecosystem.

It is worth noting that Apple's vice president of Worldwide Marketing has already admitted that the company has no choice but to comply with the EU directive.

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