EU proposes first draft for AI Act to regulate AI

EU proposes first draft for AI Act to regulate AI


27 April 2023

The European Union has been in the process of regulating AI for several years now, before the current rapid development of AI tools such as ChatGPT, Google Bard etc. In 2021, a first draft of an AI law was submitted, which was discussed, analysed and enriched with new parameters to reach a new agreement of legislators that will logically lead to the adoption of the famous AI Act.

According to Euractiv, MEPs took note of calls from AI experts on the dangers of productive AI, so that even stricter rules and obligations for AI models could be set, with a particular focus on the latest ChatGPT-type tools. For example, companies - organisations developing such tools should clearly disclose whether they have used copyrighted content both for training their algorithms and for their outputs.

The EU's aim is to protect users from misinformation and false content, without denying them the possibility to exploit AI or their fundamental rights such as freedom of expression and privacy.

The next step is to finalise the regulations of the AI Act, put it through a new scrutiny by EU lawmakers and then debate it in the European Parliament in order for it to be passed and enter into force.

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