Find wheelchair accessible places with Google Maps

Find wheelchair accessible places with Google Maps


18 November 2022

Imagine planning an outing to a new restaurant, bar, or other business, and when you get there, you can't get in, sit with your family, or go to the bathroom. It's a particularly frustrating experience, quite familiar to the 130 million people worldwide who use a wheelchair.

Accordingly, consider being able to check, before you leave home, whether your destination offers wheelchair access with a simple search of the address. With that in mind, we're announcing the new Google Maps service, which does just that.

Users can now activate the "Accessible Places" service, through which information about wheelchair access will be displayed on Google Maps. When Accessible Places is turned on, places with wheelchair access will be marked with a wheelchair icon, and information will be provided as to whether the destination has accessible seats, toilets or parking spaces for people with disabilities. If it is confirmed that it does not have disabled access, this information will also be provided through Google Maps.

Thanks to information contributed by business owners and users from the Google Maps community, this service can come in handy if you want to avoid stairs because you have a walker, suitcases or use a wheelchair. In case you also want to contribute relevant information to Google Maps, all you have to do is find the business profile and then press “About” and then “Edit Features”.

This service was made possible with the support and input of more than 120 million Local Guides, the wider Google Maps community, and business owners worldwide who have added more than a billion wheelchair accessible updates to Google Maps.

To filter search results for accessible places, you'll need to adjust your accessibility settings:

  • On a phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app.
  • Tap your profile picture or your first name Settings Accessibility Settings.
  • Turn on the Accessible Places option.

Wheelchair accessible places show a wheelchair icon in the results.

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