Fortnite is finally available again on iOS devices

Fortnite is finally available again on iOS devices


06 May 2022

After several months of uncertainty due to the litigation and litigation between Apple and Epic Games, the popular Fortnite is again available completely free for iOS devices.

Epic Games has partnered with Microsoft to offer free access to Fortnite for all platforms (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows) through Xbox Cloud Gaming. We emphasize free because the company does not require a subscription to its service, just the gamer will have to login with a Microsoft account and then go to from the web browser of his device to play. The only real requirement is to have a fairly fast Internet connection, as Fortnite is streamed from Xbox Cloud Gaming to your device screen and is not installed on it.

Something similar has been offered by Nvidia since January through the GeForce NOW service, just for the latter a subscription is required in order to stream the games.

Note that Microsoft does not intend to limit free Xbox Cloud Gaming games to Fortnite, but intends to create a separate free-to-play module in the service, hoping to persuade even more gamers to subscribe.

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