Germany unveils world's first automated, driverless train

Germany unveils world's first automated, driverless train


German rail operator Deutsche Bahn and industrial group Siemens unveiled the world’s first automated, driverless train that will be operating in the city of Hamburg.

Certainly, there are metro trains that are driverless in many cities around the world, however, the main difference is that these trains operate on exclusively single tracks, while Deutsche Bahn’s trains will be sharing the tracks with other regular, human-operated trains.

According to Deutsche Bahn’s CEO, Richard these trains significantly improve punctuality and save more than 30 percent energy. He also said that the driverless and fully automated trains can transport up to 30 percent more passengers, meaning that more people can fit on board.

It should be mentioned that a human operator will still be present in the train to supervise the journey, but otherwise these trains are expected to drive themselves.

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