Google Chrome marks its 15th anniversary with many significant enhancements

Google Chrome marks its 15th anniversary with many significant enhancements


07 September 2023

Google is redesigning Chrome on desktop and introducing brand-new features to mark Chrome's 15th anniversary.

The official blog post explains how Google will revamp Chrome's UI based on the Material You design language in the upcoming weeks. The revamp, according to the article, would update Chrome's icons to make them easier to see and produce new color palettes that go better with your tabs and toolbar. With these modifications, it's much simpler to distinguish between different profiles, such as your personal and professional accounts. Additionally, Chrome will be more closely connected with your operating system, enabling it to accommodate OS-level adjustments like dark mode.

A more extensive menu for quicker access to extensions, Google Translate, Password Manager, and other features are among the other quality-of-life improvements. Regular users will now finally benefit from this revamp, which was initially introduced and brought down through Google Canary earlier in 2023.

Finding extensions will be simpler thanks to a new interface being added to the Chrome Web Store. This features tailored results and extension categories like AI-powered extensions and Editors' spotlight. Additionally, Safety Check is being improved to better spot extensions that have recently been unpublished, are disobeying rules, or might be harmful. Additionally, organizations may risk-access extensions before implementing them widely owing to third-party solutions.

A number of new features have been added to Chrome's mobile version in recent months that improve search functionality and convenience. These upgrades make searching much simpler and safer. Additionally, Google Safe Browsing, which automatically filters potentially harmful websites, is now being improved. Safe Browsing will start comparing websites to Google's known bad site lists in real-time to counteract the pace and sheer volume of new phishing websites.

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