Google improves travel planning with AI

Google improves travel planning with AI


27 March 2024

Google has unveiled a lot of fascinating new features for Google Maps and Google Search, all aimed to aid you on your travels and the custom lists feature in Google Maps is receiving most of the focus in terms of enhancements.

The lists function in Google Maps appears to be underutilized, so the extra choices may be beneficial.Google is making it simpler to discover user-created lists in "selected cities" in the US and Canada. These listings will appear when you swipe up on a city's information card (seen below).

There are three crowdsourced lists: trending destinations, places with the top ratings, and "gems" that have slipped "under the radar" (though they won't remain that way for long if they're included on Google Maps). Curated lists from publications such as Lonely Planet and the New York Times will also be displayed.

Meanwhile, new customization possibilities surface when you create your own lists in Google Maps for Android and iOS. For the first time, places may be reordered in lists, and you can now add links to relevant postings on your social network accounts. These shared lists are useful for travel planning, keeping track of your favorite places, and mor

Also, Google Maps on mobile is receiving a new look: Google claims the home page will be cleaner and less crowded in the future, with fewer tabs (the present tabs are Explore, Go, Saved, Contribute, and Updates). New pin colors are also being added, however we have yet to see what the new design looks like.

A software upgrade in 2024 wouldn't be complete without some form of artificial intelligence, and Google also claims to be using AI to develop smart descriptions of destinations in Google Maps, which include both user-generated ratings and photographs. AI will also be used to add metadata to food photographs, such as the specific meal.

Google Search's generative AI features are becoming handy for trip planning. Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE) allows users to enter a request, such as "plan a 3 day trip to Philadelphia that's all about history," and receive personalized suggestions.

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