Google introduces new features to its Android devices

Google introduces new features to its Android devices


08 September 2023

The September Feature Drop begins with an upgraded Assistant At a Glance widget on Android devices, according to Google's blog post. Google claims that this upgraded widget would offer "high-precision" weather notifications, dynamic travel updates, and impending event reminders to a user's home screen using AI as its centerpiece.

Google is using its AI technology to generate more detailed descriptions of visual content for people who are blind or with low vision. With this version, users can open an image in Lookout and type or speak a follow-up question about it. Furthermore, the September update adds 11 new languages to Lookout, including Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

According to the company, the information displayed will be derived from their Fitbit or Google Fit activity and sleep data. Users can boost their morning motivation by include their sleep hours and sleep start time in their "Good Morning" Routine.Saying "Hey Google, good morning" will cause your device to provide a summary of your evening sleep numbers once you're awake.

Google Wallet Pass photo import, on the other hand, allows users to digitize barcodes or QR codes found on passes. When a user uploads a picture of a pass (gym card, library card, etc.), it is safely stored within the user's Google Wallet account. Google introduced this functionality in Wallet back in June, so it's probable that we'll see it on a wide range of devices very soon. Users can save not only physical passes in Wallet, but also state IDs, tickets, and other items, according to the company.

Finally, Google is planning to integrate a few communication apps into the Android Auto ecosystem. Webex by Cisco and Zoom are now on board, allowing users to start or join conference calls (audio only) and view their meeting schedules while driving. Users will also be able to disable their microphone through their car's display if necessary.

Google is using the release of September's Feature Drop to announce its "modern" revamp of the Android OS brand.

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