Google Meet finally adds picture-in-picture mode

Google Meet finally adds picture-in-picture mode


21 June 2022

Last March, Google announced that it would add PiP (picture-in-picture) to Google Meet's teleconferencing service when you use it through the Chrome browser on PCs. The company is now opening this feature to further enhance the multitasking of users who want to attend the meeting without being completely cut off from the rest of their open windows.

Enabling PiP mode in Google Meet is very easy. During a video conference, right-click to display the "Open picture-in-picture" option and a pop-up window will automatically open with the video conference you are participating in. It is also possible to open separate pop-up windows for each speaker.

Google explains in its official blog that users can combine different applications on the same screen to boost their productivity, while returning to the classic look of Google Meet is very simple with one click. PiP mode will be enabled for all users of the Google Workspace suite, as well as ordinary users who log in with their own personal account, without the need for any action from the conference administrator (admin).

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