Google Messages soon will let you edit sent messages

Google Messages soon will let you edit sent messages


19 February 2024

We've all had the experience of noticing an error in a text message that we sent. Google Messages currently does not allow for post-message corrections. However, the status quo could change in the near future.

According to TheSpAndroid, Google is developing an editing capability for the Messages app. The feature looks to be hidden behind some flags in the most recent version of the beta.

Once enabled, the feature may be accessed by long-pressing the message you wish to alter. When tapped, a pencil icon appears, which opens the text editing box with the headline "Editing message".


The functionality appears to allow users to amend messages sent in the last 30 minutes. According to reports, users will also see the altered message's modifying history.

If you try to enable the option right now, the outlet says the recipient will not see the edits properly unless they also enable the feature. According to reports, users who have not enabled the option will receive the edits as separate messages.

This report follows earlier this week's discovery of a potential Instagram-like gesture for reacting to communications. The new gesture feature was discovered during an APK teardown.

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